Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can Intrusium do for me ? ?Open or Close

    We have been very proactive with regard to our services. Intrusium partners have been involved in investigative and security work for over 20 years and have built a strong and sustained reputation and brand for quality and innovation, regarding the quality of our services, among its client base of small, large corporations, multinationals and major organisations, obtaining a large number of enquiries based on recommendation.

  • Why prefer Intrusium ?Open or Close

    We were very proactive and innovative with respect to our services in the field of investigation and cyber-security. Intrusium partners are particularly effective in their specialty areas some for more than 25 years. They built and strengthened their reputation, benefit from our strong brand image and recognized for quality and innovation, as regards the quality of services , with all our customers, craftsmen, traders, business leaders, listed company or institutional, based on common recommendations.

  • Cybercrime : what can you do ?Open or Close

    Computer crime, or cybercrime, is crime that involves a computer and a network. Computer forensics investigations are used in a variety of cases.

    At Cyber Investigation Services, we only take on customers that we believe we can help. After your call, we perform some pre-investigations and then layout your range of possible solutions Data Breaches & Computer Intrusions, Corporate Misconduct, Hacking, Fraudulent Transactions, Interception of confidential information, Criminal Copyright Infringement, Embezzlement & Extortion, Phishing scams, Espionage, Internet Stalking & Harassment, Financial theft, Online predator, Web Hijacking, Fraud and financial crimes, Advanced Fee Scams, Cyberextortion, Online Identity Theft, Extortion, Cyberbullying, Cyberwarfare, Denial Of Service Attac, Insider Attacks, Stock Manipulation

  • What are your prices ?Open or Close

    We have no price list , each mission is the subject of a comprehensive study, to enable us to estimate the time we could spend on your missions, the number of partners involved, and any costs incurred (expenses and travel).

  • How to contact you ?Open or Close

    We recommend you to email us, to expose us your problematic with maximum details and data. This will allow us to determine what we can do, how and the cost of our services.

  • Investigation : what is your area of ​​intervention ?Open or Close

    Our concept of grouping specialists and global management of your litigation us allows us to offer you assistance whatever your needs.

    Our private investigators partners are available to address any legitimate investigation private or commercial . Specialized in private investigations , financial , legal and social business , they are officially registered with the CNAPS - National Council of Private Security Activities under the Ministry of Interior and entitled to civil and criminal investigations . Their accounts missions are used in the French courts and any European court.

    Prud'hommales Affairs Unfair competition, Control and Audit of Schedule, Against - espionage , Damage to public or private property , Detecting Listening Systems , Misappropriation of funds , Civil investigations, Pre leasehold inquiries Fight on Counterfeiting , Disorders Neighborhood, Identity theft, Theft ,leaks of goods Against Survey , Sectarian , Premarital investigations , Pre leasehold inquiries Fraud and breach of trust , Searches for missing persons, Extra -marital relationship, Disorders Neighborhood, Identity theft, Flights and Concealment of private property, Salf Investigations bring you quality assistance , as we have checked for many years.

  • When can we contact you ?Open or Close

    We can assist you regardless of your dispute. If our partners have not able to handle all of your file, we will contact others , as we were able to do when recourse to a lawyer, a bailiff justice , a detective located abroad. If filing a complaint is necessary , we will help you to complete your application to provide evidence.

    Stay alone in these situations do not allow to find solutions, contact us without commitment , and enjoy our ability to listen and experience

  • Impossible to receive the newsletterOpen or Close

    Check your spam folder , it is possible that some messages are directly classified as spam. If you have a question , contact us , we will add your address in our mailing list.

  • Impossible to join Live ChatOpen or Close

    In principle, we quickly answer your requests , but sometimes that all channels are busy, the communication is cut off for reasons related to connection issues with your network, or simply no operator is available at the time of your call. Fill your details on the form , we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also ask your question by email , or in an emergency , by SMS.