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Our specialty: prevention, protection, investigation

We have a long experience managing litigation , especially through the hundreds of inquiries that we have followed, and we know the situation of people , individuals and business leaders, who must suffer the consequences of disputes , lawsuits, financial losses , the outcomes are uncertain. Most of the time , the person or the company that discovered the existence of theft, embezzlement, defamation of an attack will provide a supplementary budget to hire a lawyer, and a private investigator. But even with a favorable court decision , it is not at all certain that she used to get just compensation , especially since most of the time people condemned find themselves insolvent.
The addition is heavy : financial loss + court costs + investigation costs
For this reason , we focus on preventing these disputes , to avoid getting to this downward spiral . We develop solutions that are designed to detect early signs of an attack on economic security, to limit the scope and thus reduce its consequences. Moreover, regarding the Internet litigation, we have developed investigative techniques to allow your attorneys to exploit certain legal tracks . We invite you to discover our area of ​​intervention.

Privacy, developing your business , discover our solutions.
Your safety at all levels (data or financial) , will never be achieved only by machines. Specialized for more than 20 years in risk prevention and investigation , we help the victims of disputes related to cybercrime (identity theft , defamation , reputation, scams, fraud , ...) to defend their interests closely with our network of partners. We use custom tools, often developed by us, such as software, utilities, computer platforms, with expertise that has proven itself.
Risk prevention is our priority. Some of the tools are able to detect warning signs , a choice asset for preserving your assets. Indeed , many losses are irrecoverable.
Our peculiarity is not limited to a single service delivery , but rather to support the overall management of your dispute, to have a global vision , so you better responsiveness , speed up the flow of information after stakeholder.

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Our work

Risk prevention and fraud

Risk prevention and fraud

Embezzlement , fraud , property grabbing , financial fraud : our experience in the field management / banking / finance / accounting allows us to know the routes used by fraudsters and white collar offenders.

Computer forensics

Computer forensics

The management of your case may require the analysis of media ( hard drives, USB key , CD -Rom , sime cards, computers), the implementation of complex solutions for identification, the malicious code detection.

The advantages of our offer

Stakeholders and partners


Consultant , programmer and webmaster. Creator of Intrusium , Vigifraude and Cyberdétective . Comprehensive care of your disputes before the sometimes necessary response of our correspondents .

Salf Investigations
Salf Investigations Investigations

Autorisation d’exercer n° AUT-078-2114-08-20150472892 délivrée le 18 août 2015 par la Commission Interrégionales d’Agrément et de Contrôle d’Ile de France / CNAPS – Commission Nationale des Activités Privées de Sécurité sous l’égide du Ministère de l’Intérieur.

Stéphane FOIREST
Stéphane FOIREST Investigations

Agrément Associé n° AGS-078-2114-08-04-20140472890 délivré le 4 Août 2015 par la Commission Interrégionales d’Agrément et de Contrôle d’Ile de France / CNAPS – Commission Nationale des Activités Privées de Sécurité sous l’égide du Ministère de l’Intérieur..

Lawyers Specialized in ICT Law

We can help you prepare the file you send to the lawyer of your choice. The specificity of this type of litigation requires skills and some knowledge..

Detectives network
Detectives network In France and abroad

In some cases, we can solicit detectives inside the country but also worldwide . We provide the interface with these professionals to enable them to work with relevant and actionable information.

Patrick Spadafora
Patrick Spadafora Private investigator

Private detective agency near Villemomble (93 - France) for over 14 years.